The Mary Bak­er Eddy Library, The Mapparium

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The Mapparium, a three-story stained-glass globe found in the heart of The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, has been a popular attraction for over 60 years. It was originally lit in 1935 with 300 60-watt lamps attached to the frame on the outside of the globe.

The new Schuler Shook designed lighting scheme uses 206 LED color-mixing fixtures to illuminate the white walls of the enclosing room while saving energy, reducing heat, and providing the option of programming and storing color sequences to create stunning effects on the globe. The LED fixtures and all associated wiring were meticulously installed along the outer bronze framework to avoid fixture and wiring shadows.

This unique, three-dimensional perspective is enhanced by A World of Ideas, an artful and penetrating multimedia presentation, which gives visitors insights into how our world is connected and shaped by ideas.


Boston, MA

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