DeVos Per­for­mance Hall

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DeVos Hall, the premiere performance space in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is home to the local Ballet, Opera, and Broadway Theatre Guild. Renovation work for the 2,500-seat hall was completed in 90 days in the summer of 2004. Schuler Shook worked closely with Progressive A/E to design new lighting for the perimeter of the house, and patrons seated in the side balconies.

A new control system integrates existing stage and house lighting controls with color-changing controls. 15+ presets can be recalled or changed via a wallstation, laptop, and/or console. The new house lighting is integrated with the architecture, makes the space feel larger, better connects patrons to one another and the stage, and enlivens the space through color.


Grand Rapids, MI


Progressive A/E


  • IALD Award of Mer­it, 2005
  • IES Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award of Mer­it, 2005
  • IES Chica­go Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award, 2005
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