Wrigley Build­ing Exte­ri­or Plaza and Lobby

One of the most cherished and recognizable historic buildings in Chicago, the Wrigley Building has been an icon in the city’s nighttime skyline for nearly a century. New owners desired to correct previous remodeling of the building, opening the plaza between the north and south towers and creating a warm and welcoming space that encourages pedestrian traffic.

Schuler Shook created the exterior lighting for the newly opened outdoor central plaza and facade, selecting appropriate fixtures to maximize the white terra cotta building skin on the ground level.


Chicago, IL


Goettsch Partners


  • IES Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award of Mer­it, 2014
  • Chica­go AIA Dis­tin­guished Build­ing Award, 2014
  • Build­ing Design + Con­struc­tion Recon­struc­tion Bronze Award, 2013