Con­fi­den­tial Trad­ing Company

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A backdrop of serene and organic architecture sweeps thru this 75,000 SF trading office, offsetting a technology-fueled and high-pressure workday. The design team’s goal was to re-think the standards and aesthetics of corporate architecture and to allow nature-inspired elements to establish a visual flow. A careful interweaving of lighting throughout these elements supports the client’s goal of creating an environment that invests in their employees’ well-being. Lounge, dining, and fitness amenities round out the office areas and provide employees with a respite from their busy day.

On the trading floor, tapered cladding disguises structural columns that rise into glowing stretched fabric cutouts. A maple-veneered ceiling undulates through the space, highlighted by integrated fluorescent coves. A digitally addressable T5 fluorescent system was chosen to backlight the glowing cutouts since it offered the best energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when evaluated against all other sources. Each ballast above the fabric is individually addressed and provides lamp/ballast monitoring to the maintenance staff.


Chicago, IL


Perkins & Will


  • GE Edi­son Award of Mer­it, 2011
  • IES Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award of Mer­it, 2012
  • Illum­ni Gold Infin­i­ty Award — Work­place Light­ing, 2012
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