It's Time for Streaming From Your Theatre

None of us have seen a time like this one. Concert halls and locked theatres around the world stand empty, their idleness mandated by the global pandemic. Artistic and managing directors struggle to predict when and how their venues might open again—and when audiences will feel comfortable enough to sit together in an auditorium to watch a live performance.

Meanwhile, more people are turning to the arts in their own living rooms. Since the pandemic began, the National Theatre’s online YouTube channels attracted more than 10 million views of its streamed shows through the end of May—and while most venues don’t have the star-studded cast that nets such a wide audience, even a fraction of that number could be meaningful and profitable for a smaller company.

It’s time for theatre, music, opera, and dance companies to reach out to this captive audience by streaming performances. The leap from live performance to streaming is not as difficult or costly as you may think. It also may pay for itself in pay-per-view fees and donations.

To understand the details for streaming video, we asked several of our designers to offer suggestions based on their experiences.

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