Hew­ing Hotel

The Hewing Hotel Int 0024 Ps

The Jackson Building, a 93,000 square foot vacant brick and timber warehouse built in 1897, was re-purposed into a luxury boutique hotel and full service restaurant. Now refined with modern amenities, the hotel’s design was inspired by its former use as a farm implement showroom.

Schuler Shook designed a lighting scheme to enhance the exposed structure and accentuate the interior architecture and furnishings. The open lobby invites guest to enjoy the space and feel comfortable in a contemporary environment with warm light and pockets of contrasting illumination. The pool deck is a great gathering area day and night, providing rooftop views and a compelling atmosphere.

Careful consideration was given to comply with historic building requirements. The lighting design integrated with the building conversion to create an enhanced and inviting experience.


Minneapolis, MN




  • Preser­va­tion Alliance of Min­neso­ta, 2017 Min­neso­ta Preser­va­tion Award
  • Preser­va­tion Alliance of Min­neso­ta, 2017 Hon­or Award

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