Guthrie Green

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Guthrie Green, an urban park and entertainment amphitheatre in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District, illustrates the ability of city parks to power the revitalization of neglected urban districts, using sustainable practices to inform design.

The park features an amphitheatre with a covered stage, a pavilion with restrooms and a small café, vine covered “green rooms,” a large lawn, gardens, interactive fountains, and walking paths. The amenities support numerous performances, festivals, farmer’s markets, art fairs, and other events.

The space is alive and filled with pedestrians even on non-event nights, as color changing LED fixtures run a subtle light show from sundown to 11pm, highlighting the metal stage canopy.

Schuler Shook provided architectural lighting, theatre planning, theatrical lighting and rigging system design. The simple control system allows community groups the ability to easily call up presets for simple performances or rent or borrow a theatrical console for more complicated events. Dimming circuits, additional power, data points, lighting pipes, and rigging pipes are either integrated into the stage canopy or located adjacent to the stage to provide the infrastructure for the larger performance or large touring acts.


Tulsa, OK



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