DAR Con­sti­tu­tion Hall

DAR 4 2400

Since 1927 the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Constitution Hall has been the home for not only the DAR, but arts and events in Washington DC. As those events have evolved over the last near century, necessary accommodation has similarly evolved.


Washington, D.C.


Quinn Evans Architects


  • IES Illu­mi­na­tion Design Award Spe­cial Cita­tion, 2023
  • Nation­al Light­ing Bureau Tes­la Awards, Award of Mer­it, 2023
  • Learn­ing By Design Out­stand­ing Project, New Construction/​Addition, 2022
  • AIA North­ern Vir­ginia, Award of Excel­lence, 2022
  • AIA Vir­ginia, His­toric Preser­va­tion, Award of Hon­or 2022
  • AIA Mary­land, Excel­lence in Design Award, 2022
  • DC Preser­va­tion League, His­toric Preser­va­tion, Award for Excel­lence, 2022
DAR Phase3 02a l

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