Amer­i­can Play­ers Theatre

Apt Jd 09 46 13A

The Touchstone Theatre was American Players Theatre’s answer to having a performance space with a roof, an indoor rehearsal space and additional indoor support spaces. The Touchstone Theatre combines elements of an experimental theatre with those of a thrust stage.

This allows for a vast range of productions with superior sightlines, intimate 200-seat audience capacity, and flexible staging area.

Productions are supported by a state of the art lighting and dimming system, a complement of modern dressing rooms, and an appealing lobby overlooking the wooded areas of APT’s grounds. Adjacent to the Touchstone Theatre, and part of the same expansion project, is a new building housing a modern scene shop and rehearsal space.

Schuler Shook is currently working with American Players Theatre on upgrades to their 1,140-seat outdoor amphitheatre with a thrust stage.


Spring Green, WI


Strang, Inc

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