Kevin Greene ASTC

Project Theatre Consultant

Kevin enjoys the challenge and excitement he finds in designing theatre buildings that support the technical needs of the production effortlessly and seamlessly, allowing greater energy to be devoted to the artistic work. Working behind the scenes for the better part of two decades has given him experience and perspective as a lighting designer, head electrician, production manager, system integrator, stagehand, stage manager, and programmer.

As the Lighting and Scenic Coordinator for the Spoleto Festival USA, he consulted in the renovation of the Memminger Auditorium and the Dock Street Theatre, and coordinated the technical needs of eight different venues. He learned the importance of attention to detail in his work for JMP Lighting, the theatrical lighting integrator and programmer for over a dozen new ships for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and the real-world demands of theatre productions as the head electrician of two Broadway productions as well as his work on many Off-Broadway and regional productions.

His work history includes ballet, opera, drama, musicals, large festivals, outdoor performance, and fashion shows.

Significant Projects


  • BA - University of Dallas
  • MFA - University of Texas


  • American Society of Theatre Consultants
  • United States Institute for Theatre Technology