East­ern Illi­nois Uni­ver­si­ty, Doud­na Fine Arts Center

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In concert with university leaders and the design team, Schuler Shook helped bring to life this showpiece for the arts. The campus at Eastern Illinois University now boasts a true center for public arts as well as a home for the university's Art and Music/Theatre Arts departments.

This addition and renovation to Doudna Fine Arts Center includes a renovation of the 600-seat Dvorak Concert Hall and an adaptive reuse of an existing drama theatre into a 180-seat recital hall. New performance facilities include a 250-seat theatre, a 125-seat black box theatre, and a 150-seat lecture hall. While each department has its own space, all are under one roof and connected via glass-walled hallways that welcome passersby to stop and watch art being made.


Charleston, IL


Antoine Predock / KKE Architects / Cannon Design

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