Jackson Key

Theatre Consulting Intern

A recent graduate of the University of Virginia with a BS in Architecture, Jackson brings a passion for historic preservation and the built environment to his theatre consulting internship.

At UVA, he served on the Judiciary Committee and is a member of the Raven Society. He received an Architecture Faculty Award for Design Excellence and the Blair Phillips Memorial Award.

Initially involved in theatre in high school, he has an enduring love of theatrical design and production. He is a scenic and lighting designer with production experience in scenic and lighting technical positions in educational, collegiate, professional, and community theatre.

Jackson led the University of Virginia team in the 2021 USITT/ASTC Venue Challenge. The team won the Edgar L. Lustig Award, and Jackson discovered an interest in theatre planning.

In his internship with the Dallas office, he is learning about the construction process and design of performing arts spaces. He is enjoying learning from the consultants at Schuler Shook and gaining greater understanding of the collaborative dynamics among the architect, consultants, and contractors throughout the design process to deliver a successful project.

Jackson plans to pursue a master’s degree in architecture at Columbia University in the fall.

“Design is about connecting ideas together materially, spatially, and visually to find places of harmony and tension. That understanding came to me most fundamentally through designing for theatre and in the nature of theatrical space.”