Haileyesus Gebremedhin

Lighting Design Intern

Haileyesus discovered an affinity for architecture at a young age and with the encouragement of a 9th grade teacher who took note of his skillful drawing and lettering. Setting his sights on a sound education at a school with students from many countries and backgrounds, Haileyesus is an active and involved student in the Architecture program at Illinois Tech from which he will be receiving his degree this winter. He is a member of NOMAS, the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students.

Haileyesus is also an engaged member of the campus community and beyond. He is involved in the African Student Organization (ASO) on campus and is a board member of Tegaru Professionals Network (TPN), where he is co-chair of the Mentorship committee that helps other young Tigrayan professionals in the area.

His interest in lighting design starts with the quality of light itself. He relishes the fact that architectural lighting has the power to give specific characteristics and definition to a space through different lighting techniques. The spirit and quality of the space can be completely changed through saturation, color, intensity, or fixture location.

“Lighting gives life to architecture. I am gaining knowledge through my internship that will help me as an architect. I realize that I will need to consider the effects of electrical lighting and daylighting in my designs. Doing so will mean a better outcome for the people who will use the spaces that I design.”

“I love the cozy and peaceful work environment here. Everyone I have met at Schuler Shook has been helpful, sharing ideas and adding to my learning about lighting design.”