Loyola University Museum of Art

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The new 27,000 SF Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) houses Loyola's Martin D'Arcy Collection, along with other local and international exhibitions. Schuler Shook provided lighting design services for all of the museum's galleries, which included integrating recessed tracks and sleek track-heads into a visually quiet ceiling. Also included in the scope was the design of the gift shop, which exhibited refined sloped shelves that were internally illuminated to present the merchandise.

The building's two main lobbies lead to different parts of the building. The east lobby leads to the museum's galleries and gift shop, and the north lobby leads to the offices and classrooms elsewhere in the building. Both lobbies were illuminated to characterize the spaces they precede. The museum lobby's vast walls were illuminated to emphasize its scale and provide general illumination in the space, while "art niches" were designed to glow from within to exhibit artwork.

The north lobby depicts a more formal environment with dark panelized wood walls, a vaulted ceiling, a lounge area, and an information display. Schuler Shook's lighting design for this space accentuates the architecture, reveals the materials, and introduces decorative sconces to provide a visually comfortable environment that is conducive to socializing.

IES Sectional Illumination Design Award 2007

Loyola University Museum of Art image
Loyola University Museum of Art image
Loyola University Museum of Art image